International Institutions


Journal Articles

Development Aid and Economic Growth: A Positive Long-Run Relation (with Camelia Minoiu).
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Developing Just Monetary Arrangements
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Book Chapters

Aid Does Matter After All: Revisiting the Relationship between Aid and Growth (with Camelia Minoiu)
Published in Growth Divergences: Explaining Differences in Economic Performance, edited by Jose Antonio Ocampo, Jomo K.S. and Robert Vos, United Nations Publications and Zed Books, 2007, pp. 257-279.

Safety Nets for the Poor: A Missing International Dimension?
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The International Monetary Fund
In the International Encyclopedia of Business and Management Handbook of Economics, 2002, ed. W. Lazonick, pp. 3343-3348.

Book Reviews

World Development Report, 2006: A Brief Review
Economic and Political Weekly, Oct. 15th, 2005, pp. 4502-4504, republished, inter alia, in Pambazuka News.

Reports and Other Work

Toward Adjustment for Development: Sustainable and People-Centred
Paper prepared for the United Nations Development Programme, 1997.

Op-Eds, Letters, Interviews, etc.

Labour Accounts for a Small Proportion of Overall Unit Cost
Financial Times, 22nd July, 2013.

Underwriting the Poor (with Olivier De Schutter)
Project Syndicate, June 6th, 2012.

Knowledge in Development: Fostering Knowledge Generation in the Global South
Triple Crisis, March 2nd, 2010.

Interview with Sanjay Reddy, in Shaikh, Nermeen, The Present as History: Critical Perspectives on Global Power
forthcoming in Dec. 2007 from Columbia University Press.

Alternative Ways to Link Trade with Labour Standards (with Christian Barry)
Financial Times, 2nd June, 2007.

False Dilemma of the Sweatshop (with Christian Barry)
Financial Times, 24th July, 2006.

Promoting Poor Countries’ Interests in the International Trading System: A Proposal (with Christian Barry)
Economic Times (India), December 8th 2005.