Audio and Video


Appearances as a Speaker

Whither Development Studies
APU/INET Advanced Graduate Workshop, Bangalore, January 2014.

Democracy, Technocracy and Development Economics
APU/INET Advanced Graduate Workshop, Bangalore, January 2013.

The Indian Economy in early fall 2013
Left Business Observer Radio, Brooklyn, Sept 2013 .

Globalization and Rethinking Measures of Growth.
Fund Global Institute Interview, Hong Kong (INET Meeting), May 2013 .

Inequality in China, India, and America: Causes and Consequences.
INET Conference in Hong Kong, April, 2013. [Starting at: 0:58:22 and 1:33:26].

False Dichotomies, Session 4A: Global Inequality.
INET and CIGI, February, 2012. [Starting at: 0:00:10, 1:03:00 and 1:12:58].

Global Inequality.
Heyman Center for the Humanities, February, 2012. [Starting at: 1:16:05 and 2:03:08].

UN Development Policy Seminar: After the Washington Consensus.
New York, United Nations, June 12, 2012. [Starting at: 0:03:06, 1:09:22 and 1:26:25].

Faculty Panel Discussion: Vision in Heterodox Economics.
New York, New School, May 4, 2012. [Starting at: 0:47:25, 1:44:55 and 2:22:08].

Panel on ‘Global Child Poverty & Well Being’.
New York, New School, April 16, 2012. [Starting at: 0:50:35 and 1:38:27].

Sixth Annual international Conference on Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Nonviolence and Peace. Global Justice: Economic Globalization and The Common Good..
University of Utah. February 23, 2012. [Starting at: 0:27:34 and 1:17:42]

Sanjay Reddy - Facts and Values Are Entangled: Deal with It.
Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET). January, 2012.

'What Should Public Policy Education Become?'
Jindal School of Government. India, 2011.

The Present as History (Full Program).
Columbia University, November 2011.

The Present as History (Extract).
Alternative Link. Extract of talk at Columbia University, November 2011.

Poverty and Human Rights (I).
Part III: New School, October 2011. [Starting at: 00:01:02].

Poverty and Human Rights (II).
Part IV: New School, October 2011.

The Plundered Planet with Paul Collier.
New School, May, 2010. [Starting at: 00:22:56, 00:37:55 and 00:57:06].

A Critical Perspective on the Natural Resource Curse.
Carnegie Council, December, 2006.

Measuring Poverty.
Chicago Public Radio, May, 2003.

Appearances as a Chair

3rd Emerging Scholars Conference: Land Acquisition
India China Institute, The New School, April 2014.

Understanding Xi Jinping’s Grand Reform Strategy
India China Institute, The New School, April 2014.

2013 UNDP Human Development Report "The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World" (Panel 1: Who in the South is rising?)
Global Thought, Columbia University, April, 2013.

The Environment in China and India: Histories and Innovations
India China Institute, The New School, December 2012.

Who is Xi? The Knowns and Unknowns of China’s Political Future
India China Institute, The New School, November 2012.

Is Imperialism a useful concept in the age of financial globalization? (Part 1 of 7).
The New School for Social Research, March, 2012.

2011 - India's World - Science, Technology, and Education
New School, 2011.

Is Marxism Relevant Today?
Committee on Global Thought, 2009.

Marx or Keynes or…?.
Heyman Center for the Humanities.